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We recognise that we are situated in a unique location which offers exciting opportunities to enrich our curriculum.  Therefore we have created a bespoke ‘Our Lady’s’ curriculum that is rooted in children’s own experiences and places them at the centre of the Our Lady’s community in Edgeley.  We aim to enable children to develop an authentic curiosity about their cultural identity, and to recognise and celebrate the diversity within our community.  This bespoke curriculum is designed to develop cultural capital and an understanding of our rich heritage, whilst also being outward-looking to embrace how this fits into the context of the UK and the wider world.  Our curriculum principles of Engage, Understand and Reflect underpin our curriculum design, and drive our lesson planning.

Following in-depth research of our local area, we have created bespoke units which align with our unique historical and geographical context, which are developed from the National Curriculum.  This process involved all stakeholders: staff, children, parents and governors.  In order to deliver a curriculum which enables our children to know more and remember more, we have organised learning into a two-year curriculum cycle for foundation subjects.  Each of these years has been arranged into 4 nine-week blocks.  Within these blocks, we operate a two-week timetable to facilitate more thorough learning and teaching of these subjects.  This will also provide more opportunities for high-quality reflections on learning and the impact of ‘sticky knowledge’.  Our curriculum is structured to develop the progression of knowledge and skills to enable children to be Resilient, Reflective, Empowered learners who are fully prepared to be 21st century citizens. 

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