Year 5


Welcome to Year 5. Please take the time to read the Year 5 information sheet to advise you on our daily/weekly routines.

Welcome-to-Year-5 2018

Please click the links below for further information about the National Curriculum for Year 5:



Parent Leaflet – Year 5

Planning 2018-2019

Spring 1 “Would you survive in Camelot?”

Would you survive in Camelot – overview planning

Weekly overview – would you survive in Camelot

Autumn 2 “Could you find your way to Jo’burg?”

Could you find your way to Jo’burg – overview 2018

week by week autumn 2

Autumn 1 “Is there anybody out there?”

Is there anybody out there overview 2018

Weekly overview autumn 1

Year 5  2017 – 2018

Summer 2 ‘ Why was the Islamic Civilization around AD900 known as the Golden Age?’ 

Islamic Golden Age Overview

Islamic Golden Age Weekly overview

Summer 1 ‘Could you find your way to Jo’burg?’

Could you find your way to Jo’burg Overview

Could you find the way to Jo’burg Weekly overview

Spring 2 “Can you feel the force?

Can you feel the force – Overview

Can you feel the force – Weekly overview