Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Home Learning Page.

Whilst school is closed, please try and complete some of these lessons.  If you can, aim for up to one hour of English, one hour of Mathematics and one hour of another subject each day.  You can choose which sets of lessons to follow – mix and match from both sites if you prefer.

The language lessons being offered by Oak National Academy are for Spanish – please do not complete these as we are learning French in school!

Oak National Academy Lessons 

BBC Bitesize Lessons



Have fun with reading.  Let your child choose what they read and enjoy it together.  Short or long, it’s time well spent.

Don’t worry about what your children are reading: recipes, cereal packets, catalogues … it’s all useful!  Keep books and other reading materials close by.

Reading to children of all ages is helpful.  Ask lots of questions: who, what, where, when and why and ask them to summarise when you’ve finished.

When you see your child reading, praise them:  “I love to see you reading!” 

For more tips on helping your child read, click here.


Maths can feel like a difficult subject to cover at home.  Use these top tips to support your child’s maths learning while schools are closed:

Encourage your child to set goals and make plans – this can help them learn independently.

Have a set time and place to study with the appropriate resources – this can help keep children on task and make sure they have the tools for success.

Practise times tables, either online or on paper – this is a great tool to help your child remember maths facts quickly and easily.

Create time for your child to practise what they already know, such as repeating times tables.

Provide example maths problems – these can be helpful for your child.  These should show all the steps clearly and have a very similar follow-up problem for them to try.