Staff List

Headteacher Mrs A. Core

Deputy Headteacher Mr G Kilkenny

Reception Miss K Heywood

Year 1 Mrs H Foster (TLR2) / Mrs L Moran

Year 2 Miss J Phillips (TLR2)

Year 3 Miss J Sharp (SENDCo)

Year 4 Mrs A Kitchin

Year 5 Mrs J Holmes

Year 6 Miss R Tait

PPA Mrs J Pond

Mrs O’Neill, Mrs Marsden, Mrs Nicklin, Mrs Barry,  Mrs Perkins,  Miss Howard, Miss Bibby, and Miss Harper work supporting individual children and classes throughout the school.

Mrs Tracey is our Business Manager. Mrs Nicklin is our Clerical Assistant.

Mr Tatton is our caretaker, assisted by Miss O’Neill.

Mrs Barry is our Midday Supervisor.

Miss O’Neill, Miss O’Neill, Mrs Fretwell, Miss Toft, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Shimwell are our Midday assistants.

Mrs Edwards is our cook and Miss Dawson is our assistant cook.