Pupil Premium

Our Lady’s Pupil Premium Strategy 2019

Free School Meal entitlement

If you are entitled to free school meals please could you ensure you apply for them, even if your child does not want them.  The Pupil Premium Grant significantly impacted on the attainment of Year 6 in 2016, as these pupils performed above other pupils nationally achieving Expected Standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics (School: 93%; National 53%).

As the money is dependent on families claiming Free School Meals, it is vital that you do so.  Even if you only claim the money for a short period of time, the school will continue to receive the money for the next five years!  This makes a great difference to the funding the school gets each year and, as a consequence, the things we can fund in school e.g. new books, netbooks etc.

To complete an application form for Free School Meals, click here.

Further information about the Pupil Premium Grant, visit http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/pupilsupport/premium/b0076063/pp