Home Learning

During the period of school closure, it is important to try and establish a regular learning routine.  Try and set aside a specific time each day for your child to complete some of the activities provided.  Remember to include some physical activity into your routine as well.  Do not try to replicate a full school timetable!  Play is also important – it is fundamental to children’s wellbeing and development.

Home Learning Update

On 20th April, two online learning platforms were launched to support families with Home Learning – Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize.  Both are backed by the Government and offer free online lessons for all year groups from Reception upwards.  

These platforms have been created by teachers and other educational experts, and provide a clear structure across all subjects for home learning during school closure.  There are three hours of lessons per day on each site for each year group – you can choose which set of lessons you wish your child to follow (you can mix and match from both sites).

As an absolute maximum, children should be completing no more than 3 hours learning per day – 1 hour of English, 1 hour of Mathematics and 1 hour of one other subject. 

This will vary according to individual family circumstances.

The links to both these sites can be accessed from your child’s class page.

Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and learning.  Routines can be helpful in supporting positive behaviour and general wellbeing.  They can also help you as you and your family find a new daily routine.

You could watch this video with your child and use it to talk about the days ahead and goals they might have.  Praise them for the things they are already doing.  How can they become more independent in planning their time?  Use this guide to help you!

Our Lady’s Wellbeing@home has a range of activities and websites to support you during this time of school closure.

Click this link for further Home Learning Advice for Parents and Carers.

How to Cope with Change – Parent Leaflet

Relational Round Up –  weekly newsletter with top tips and fun activities from Stockport’s BSS team.

The Forest School team have put together some ideas and activities in easy-to-access, one page resources and weekly 5 minute videos called ‘Wild Wellbeing’. These Wild Wellbeing resources are designed to inspire you to spend some time outside and invest in your own wellbeing. These ideas are based on outdoor experiences and games you might wish to engage with during your daily exercise, in your garden or at school. They’re springboards for other ideas and can be used in whatever way works for you. We hope you’ll find them motivational and fun.

If you loved visiting the Stockport Frogs on the Giant Leap Art Trail, check out this brand new frog-tastic site with fun activities to do at home:

On this page are a range of links to educational websites offering free resources to support home learning.  Do not feel you need to do everything!  There is more than enough material here to last several weeks.  Dip in and out of the activities as you feel appropriate.

Online Safety Activities from Thinkuknow:

Thinkuknow Parents Helpsheet-primary

Thinkuknow 4-5s Home Activity Sheet 3



Thinkuknow: 4-7s Home Activity Reward Chart

Stockport’s Ethnic Diversity Service (EDS) have put together some activities to support home learning:

EDS – Multilingual Resources for Families

EDS – Communication Activities In Any Language

EDS Home School Activities- Russia

White Rose Maths Resources

PE with Joe (Joe Wicks – Body Coach)

30 Day Lego Challenge

Classroom Secrets Home Learning Packs

Twinkl Free Home Learning Resources

Oxford Owl for Homefree eBooks, phonics activities, Maths games and more